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Fits a large number of distributions to your data, automatically or manually
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Works with Microsoft Excel, thus offering the option to solve a wide range of business problems. It automates the process of fitting a large number of distributions to a data set. Basically, it reduces analysis times, prevent analysis errors and ensure the high quality of your projects.

EasyFit is a data analyzing program that is designed to quickly provide statistical data on any subject, offering probability results that a large category of business people may take advantage of.
The application uses both classical and modern analysis techniques, offering two main types of analysis that users may perform by using this tool: distribution fitting and descriptive statistics. The former one provides users with a graphic representation of the input data they have introduced to be analyzed. A considerable number of distribution types are available, the users being able to select them according to their preferences.

As far as the latter type of analysis is concerned, it is more complex than the first one. Once the input data has been introduced and automatically analyzed by the application, it will display such pieces of information as the sample size, the minimum and the maximum value, the median, the variance, to mention just a few.

After the user has performed the data analysis, he/she can further export the results of the analysis in different formats (JPEG, WMF, EMF, CSV etc.).

The interface allows for an intuitive manipulation of the application through the suggestive inlays, further support being offered in the user guide.

To sum up, EasyFit is a useful tool for business analysts, researchers and scientists, in particular, as well as for other categories of people who wish to perform quick data analyses. The complex set of options and the various analysis types make EasyFit a reliable support for better decision-making and problem-solving processes.

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  • It provides different distribution types
  • It demands simple technical details
  • It supports different file formats for the exportation stage
  • It provides an intuitive interface


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